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A brand that transcends its category, Nike continually increases the power of its brand through constant innovation be it new products or its marketing tactics. Case in point for the latter is how Nike leveraged the London 2012 Olympics to its advantage as an “ambush marketer” rather than an official sponsor; it gained the spotlight, highlighted their new product offerings and as always linked the best athletes in the world to its brand.

The annual study by PiperJaffray (2013) “Taking Stock with Teens”, shows the spending habits of teens in U.S.A covering category spends, preferred brands and otherwise etc. shows that the top three categories for spends by teens are Clothing (21%), Food (18%) and Accessories/Personal Care (10%).  Further, the “intent” on spending on apparel and shoes is on the rise.

teens spending

Interbrand’s Top 100 Global Brands report published annually shows Nike featuring at number 25 and 26 in 2011 and 2012 respectively with a 4% rise in brand value in 2012. The drop in ranking was due to some large gainers rather than the brands lowered valuation. This rise in brand power is mirrored with some findings by the PiperJaffray report as Nike has grown to become the #1 preference for teens since the beginning of 2011, gradually moving up from #3 or #4 in the previous years as can be seen below.


It is important to consider, Nike’s primary product offering is within the footwear category, and the above findings relate to clothing brands, where Nike is competing with pure-lay clothing lines such as A&F, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 among others. Nike brand power becomes even clearer and more dominant when we come closer to home within the footwear industry.

Taking Stock With Teens

Nike has been dominating as the #1 choice for teens for 5 years running, where close competitors Adidas and Puma follow as second or third preferences. The interesting aspect of this is that, both income brackets upper-income as well as average-income picks Nike as their preferred brand. Besides Converse also features in the top 5, a brand owned and marketed by Nike.


So far Nike has done a fantastic job at becoming the most preferred brand across categories within which it operates. But if we take a look at what the popular fashion trends are within schools, it is still positive news for Nike. For multiple fashion cycles Nike still tops the list for the trending fashion brand.

So far so good

So far Nike has created a super brand which transcends it category and engages with its audience extremely well through social media for creating buzz and their athlete scouting event “The Chance”. However, Nike still have major creases on its shirt which need to be looked into and ironed out. For starters one major concern for the company lies within their supply chain, especially their production facilities along with their environmental record which is not something worth gloating over.  However, to their credit, the “Zero discharge of Hazardous Chemicals” in manufacturing by 2020 is highly relevant for the brand. The onus is on them to act and show tangible results within the area.


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