Brand Harvest Blog > Naming : Whats in a name?


by Ram Gudipati, MD @ Brand Harvest

Let me just start by stating that I find names and the process of naming a very fascinating subject. An entire industry runs on this business of names such as websites and professional services which are based on naming new-born babies, parents spend many days deciding on the “right” name for their children etc. In India like in many cultures around the world, there is a practice of choosing names which have a “meaning”, or after religious deities. Further, to stir the naming pot there are names which are definitive male or female or unisex. Clearly the importance of names resonates through people and they hold it in high regard, since it becomes your primary identity over time. Though Bollywood may not agree completely considering, there are many stars who have changed their real name to a reel name to serve different purposes, could be superstition or just that they didn’t have a “Star worthy” name. For them the new adopted name then becomes their identity, and they then build on it. Read More

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