And now, Brand is innovation.


By Samir Kumar

In a recent study, Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen have listed 100 such companies where the stock market valuation is significantly higher than the actual cash flows attributable to their product portfolio. That’s ‘innovation-premium’. Brands like Salesforce, Tencent, Apple and Amazon are earning an innovation premium of over 50%.

In the good old days.


There used to be a time, when all that creating a recognisable brand ever achieved was building trust and reliability. When you recognised a brand (mostly by the brand logo), you were assured of quality and reliability in meeting your desired needs. Most of the old-world, traditional brands achieved this marriage between their brand identity and the promise it stood for, rather beautifully. And it lasted for decades. Turn the clock a little ahead and you would notice that brands start taking an actionable stand. So, while they continue to stand for the promise and positioning, the manifestation went beyond the product. Brands built compelling stories around the times that they traversed with the society. “Just do it”, was not just a slogan but a brand taking a stand. A socio-political stand. Read more


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