Brand Harvest : A rose by any other name, is not a rose.

– Naming; the serious business of branding.

by Samir Kumar


Naming brands is a serious business. It is the first expression of public branding. The brand’s name is what the world connects to and uses to describe the brand. And if done right, naming becomes the most crucial aspect of the brand’s positioning, its tonality and personality. Naming is also a strategic communication tool that builds associations with the consumers and over a period of time turns into a valuable equity. In the aggressively competitive world of today, where no opportunity of communicating the proposition and building a relationship can be missed, naming is definitely an area that demands critical and significant attention. While brand naming is a vast subject that involves various creative approaches, etymology, cultural studies, legal aspects, etc, in this article we are focusing on some of the more fundamental aspects around the act of naming; a simple eight step approach to naming that owners of business and brand managers should look at. Read more at the original blog


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