A friend (Creative, Design, Art) and I were heading back home and were having an intense discussion about brands. One of my biggest contention with brands and especially their approach to visual identity was that they don’t use colour as a competitive strategy.

I asked him why Brands cant look at their category and their competition, analyse the competitions colour combination and try and be different. Despite the biggest struggle today among brands is to stand-out from the crowd, Brands seem to conform to category tonality, especially while chosing their brand colours. To which he answered “Designers would love to chose something different, but the clients are comfortable with a set of colours”. Although I tend to agree with him (partially), it cant really be that simple.

So I thought this should be tested. The worlds strongest brands should be able to differentiate themselves and be identifiable across all their brands assets including colour. Below are the primary colours of 30 prominent global brands.brands-colours

Out of the 30 presented above, just about a few stand out as either combinations or basic colours used. However, a great example of using colour to ensure distinction is given below.


Most of you should be able to guess which brand it is, but if you arent sure then do ask.


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