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Just get lit...


Why Indian SMEs need Branding. Now!

by Bibhash Banerjee

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The long standing debate of FDI in retail has finally seen a palpable policy change. The Government of India now allows for single-brand and multi-brand retail companies to invest 100% and 51% respectively through FDIs. However, besides getting a positive nod from the apex court there has been resistance politically as well as from the local retail community.

The latter’s largest concern stems from the potential loss of business and the inability to compete with large organised retail brands. An understandable concern, although data from other countries with FDI in retail should help calm some nerves (Read). According to me, not only would this make the local retailers more competitive and organised in their business practices, it will most definitely uphold the virtue of “Customer is King/Queen”, simply put consumers would have a wider range to choose from. Continue reading

How many brands can you recognise?

A friend (Creative, Design, Art) and I were heading back home and were having an intense discussion about brands. One of my biggest contention with brands and especially their approach to visual identity was that they don’t use colour as a competitive strategy.

I asked him why Brands cant look at their category and their competition, analyse the competitions colour combination and try and be different. Despite the biggest struggle today among brands is to stand-out from the crowd, Brands seem to conform to category tonality, especially while chosing their brand colours. To which he answered “Designers would love to chose something different, but the clients are comfortable with a set of colours”. Although I tend to agree with him (partially), it cant really be that simple.

So I thought this should be tested. The worlds strongest brands should be able to differentiate themselves and be identifiable across all their brands assets including colour. Below are the primary colours of 30 prominent global brands.brands-colours

Out of the 30 presented above, just about a few stand out as either combinations or basic colours used. However, a great example of using colour to ensure distinction is given below.


Most of you should be able to guess which brand it is, but if you arent sure then do ask.

A case for Brands

header There are a few things in this world more likely open the flood-gates of “anti-globalisation” banter than the suggestion that Brands have a positive social impact. Everything from the “they are making my kids fat” to “they are exploiting poor labourers in developing nations” and “the damage done to the environment by these brands are almost irreparable”. There is enough and more one-liners which are available, giving a strong negative disposition towards any global brand with enough market and financial clout to be even considered “global”. Further, the voice also demands for brands to be more human and give back to the society they function in. The least a corporate body can do after exploiting the poor and creating health and lifestyle hazards. Continue reading

5 Things Brand Consultants can do to Help Save the Planet

5 Things Brand Consultants can do to Help Save the Planet

by Bibhash Banerjee


Today is “Earth Day”. An annual reminder that the planet we live in needs our help, to save itself from our own evils. A shame in fact that we need a reminder to live a life which does not damage the environment and the planet we depend upon for survival. The detrimental impact our way of living has had on the planet over the years is massive, but I am not here to share statistics of how real the damage is I’ll leave that to the experts. Instead I would rather accept the damage done and look forward to small ways in which all of us can try and help save the planet. Continue reading

You have GOT to see this!!


Browsing through my social networks, found this popped up in one of the posts titled “Just Cool”, as they say curiosity kills the cat, I opened it and this is what I found! I know I am not going to get my hands on this anytime soon, nor will I find any great use for it immediately, but had to share it for the sheer coolness of the device.

I wasn’t as excited and still not so with the google glass as I am about this…lol… STRANGE!

Check out their website (Not much there), but just in case : https://getmyo.com